I nostri impianti per la produzione di filo sintetico PA6, PA6.6, PET, PBT e PP “no touch quality” si basa sui seguenti processi:
POY - Pre Oriented Yarn, parallel winding process without puckers for single and multi-filament yarns
FOY - Fully Oriented Yarn, without godets
FDY - Fully Drawn Yard, process with two drawing fields and a re-entry field
BCF - Bulk Continuous Filament (carpet thread)
The modules are assembled within our site, reducing assembly time at the customer's site. The building required for the installation of the spinning plant is an empty structure without intermediate levels, within which the plant deck will be positioned.

The lines are designed to be associated with winders supplied by leading manufacturers. Each spinning position has individual independent motors and, with the same raw material, yarns with different counts can be produced.
spinning plant

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